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Founded in 1717 by German and Swiss religious refugees, New Niederbipp was built as an extension of William Penn's 'Holy Experiment', a place of religious tolerance and unity.  Its founders, hardworking farmers, tradesmen, craftsmen and merchants, built our town on the banks of the Allegheny River after searching out a place that reminded them of their homeland, the Rhein River Valley of Germany and the mountain valley of Niederbipp, Switzerland. 
    When they arrived, this area was on the edge of the frontier and primitive in every way. With fortitude and conviction, the early settlers carved our town out of the wilderness. The town was built as if tiw as transported from 16th and 17th century Europe and many of the shops remain in the custody of the families who started them seven and eight generatioins ago.
    Farms and orchards cover the surrounding hills. A flour mill still functioins in town and a saw mill runs during the summer months on the outskirts. The town bakery is a must-visit for fresh breads and pasteries. Pottery Niederbipp was wares available year round. Our town is on the National Registry of Historic Places and boasts more than a dozen bed and breakfasts, miles of hiking trails, five museums, festival grounds and a lovely church yard, Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime,
Niederbipp welcomes you.

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